General FAQ

1. Will you allow purchased email list?

We allow both subscribed and purchased email list.

2. Will my account get suspended after high bounce back? How does that work with you?

We do not have very strict bounce rate policy. However it is better to maintain low bounce for good delivery.

3) Am I able to have different send from for each campaign?

Yes. Can use different from address for each campaign.

4) Can I have mulitple email list?

No limit on contacts you upload. Our plans are based on number of email send not subscriber list size. You can have multiple email list.

5) How the bounce contacts handled?

Mail Marketer process bounce backs from your list automatically and update the status of the contacts as Bounced. By default your future campaign will not send to Hard Bounce addresses.


6) Is Mail Marketer reliable, secure and confidential? Is our data safe?

Your data is stored on industry-standard data servers located with some of world's largest and most reliable ISP's. We dont provide / sell or share email databases. Your database will be 100% safe and secured. Also you can delete/export your list anytime.

7) Will I get dedicated IP address?

Plan 200K and above comes with dedicated IP.


8) What is the daily email limit?

We support maximum upto 100,000 emails in a day. In higher plan like 2 and 3 million, you get multiple account to distribute email volume. which means upto 200,000 emails in a day.

9) What campaign report do i get?

You get the complete email campaign statistics like open rate, bounce rate, link clicked, unsubscribed etc


10) What are the payment method?

Credit Card/PayPal/Bank Wire

11) Is there a contract to sign?

No contract to sign. You can cancel or change plan anytime.

12) How soon will my account be activated after the payment?

The account will be activated instantly once your order gets approved.