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How to personalize emails with First Name, e.g. 'Dear Mr. NAME' or 'Dear Mrs. NAME'?

Yes, such personalized emails what we refer to as "Custom Fields". Custom fields can be created/managed from the List option. Custom fields like First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, Birth date etc.. are available to you by default. 
To begin, your email list (csv/excel) file must have custom field column as shown below.


Step 1 - Import the contacts from a file. Watch video

Step 2 - Insert a custom fields into your email.

Option 1. You simply need to add the text such as %%First Name%%  in your email content as shown below and they will be replaced when the email is sent.
Option 2. Click on the "Insert Custom Field" link underneath the WYSIWYG editor. A popup window will appear asking you to select the Custom Field you would like to insert. 



Keep in mind however, that when you preview a newsletter, i.e. Send it to yourself using the preview option, the custom fields will not be parsed, because your preview email address does not contain the custom fields. In order for the custom fields, including unsubscribe to work, you must send the newsletter out to a contact list.