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Message only has text/html MIME parts

So what does "Message only has text/html MIME parts" mean?

It means that you need to create a plain text version of your campaign along with HTML. While most contacts will be able to receive the HTML version of your message, there are still contacts out there who can only get a plain text version.  Most people view their emails in HTML (which means they can see images, links in the email are clickable, and text is formatted), but email clients can be set up to display only plain-text versions of email.

When our system sends an email, it determines if the contact can receive the HTML version of the message or not.  If not, the system will deliver the plain text version of the message. Plain text versions do not include any formatting at all, including bold and in some cases double-spacing.


To create HTML and Text version email - Select HTML/Text email format while creating email campaign.