Why is my open rate so low? Open tracking is not working!

Mail Marketer tracks message opens by inserting an invisible tracking image in to the bottom of every message that it sends. If you find that you have a very low open rate, or if you try opening a message and find that it was not tracked, these are the most common problems:

  • You are sending a text-only format email, instead of an HTML format email, or an HTML/Text (MIME) format email. Text-only messages cannot be tracked, as the tracking relies on an HTML image tag.
  • You had "open tracking" disabled in your campaign settings. Try creating a new campaign on a test list, and making sure the tracking is turned on to test this.
  • Major ISP Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail block images by default. Your subscribers are not clicking "display images" or "download images" in their email clients. Since the tracking relies on an HTML image tag, all images must be "displayed" or "turned on" for a read to be tracked.