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Mail Marketer Pricing Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the free trial?

Your 30 day free trial of Mail Marketer includes everything you need to get started with email marketing, including:

  • Email Marketing Tools to create, send and track your email campaigns
  • Unlimited free phone and email support
  • Add as many subscribers to your list as you like during the free trial

The only limitation during the free trial is that you can't send more than 100 emails. You can of course upgrade to a paid plan at any time to remove this restriction.

Is there a contract to sign?

Absolutely not. Mail Marketer offers both "pay as you go" and monthly subscription email marketing service and you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts to sign.

What are the payment options do you offer?

We accept Credit Card through PayPal. Also offer direct bank deposit/ netbanking. Visit our Payment Options to know more

What if I want to stop using Mail Marketer?

That's fine. Mail Marketer offers both "pay as you go" and monthly subscription email marketing service, so all you have to do is cancel the order from your client area or contact us and we'll disable your account for you. There are no cancellation fees or hidden charges.

Are there any other fees besides the pricing shown on your website?

Absolutely not. The prices you see on our pricing page are the only fees you pay to use Mail Marketer. PLEASE NOTE: Rates Are Inclusive of Service Tax @ 10.30%

How can I signup without using the free trial?

You can choose a paid plan from our pricing page and sign up with your details.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Mail Marketer offers a fully functional 30-days free trial which allows you to evaluate our service before you choose one of our paid plans. Sign up now!

What happens if I want to send more emails?

If you need to send more emails than your current plan, buy more credits at any time simply by visiting our pricing page.

Is my credit card billed monthly?

If you choose monthly subscription plan then your credit card will be charged for the plan you have purchased, but if you choose "pay-as-you-go" plans, then your credit card will not be charged monthly.

Are my email messages and subscriber list safe?

Yes. Your data is stored on industry-standard data servers located with some of world's largest and most reliable ISP's.

Can I take my subscriber email list with me if I want to cancel?

Absolutely yes. It's easy to export your email subscriber list into a text file which you can import into other applications. If you'd like to cancel you also have the option to delete all data related to your account including your email list, email messages and statistics.

Will you send Mail Marketer promotions to my email list?

Absolutely not. We will never, ever send any emails to your email list. The only emails people on your email list will receive are the ones you send them using the Mail Marketer system.

Have any questions about Mail Marketer?

Give us a call on 0422-2645458 for any queries on Mail Marketer or contact us through email.

If you're ready to use email marketing for you then why not give the Mail Marketer 30-day free trial a try? There's no risk or obligation, you do not need a credit card and you can close your trial account at any time.

Click here to start your Mail Marketer 30-day free trial.