All-in-one Email Marketing Reseller Solution

Reseller Panel + Private Labelled App + Dedicated Email Platform

Reseller Master Panel

Easily manage your client accounts. With our advanced reseller panel, hundreds of resellers have been easily running bulk email reseller business. With all the required functionalities, without much of our intervention you can solely manage your business.

Resell at Your Own Pricing

  • Create separate accounts for clients
  • Add & deduct email credits
  • Activate / Deactivate accounts

Private Labelled Email Marketing Tool

Build your business by start offering email marketing service under your own brand. Your clients will see your logo and you provide support. With our advanced email marketing tool, it’s easy for your clients to send mass emails and one less think to worry to support them.

Take Control of Your Client Accounts

  • Hosted on your choosen domain name
  • Re-brand it with your own company logo
  • Feature rich email marketing solution

Dedicated Email Delivery Platform

Build reputation across ISP with dedicated email platform. We know what it takes to run a successful bulk email marketing service in India. We have been helping customers of varied size, need and purpose in successfully delivering emails since 2008.

Enjoy Our Robust Email Infrastructure

  • Intelligent email delivery engine
  • Get dedicated multiple IP
  • Automated IP monitoring

How it Works

Get Your Email Marketing Reseller Business Setup in 24 Hours!

Signup for bulk email reseller plan

Choose from our benefiting reseller plans according to you email sending requirement and make the payment. Provide your logo and branding details in the format emailed to you.

Your reseller account will be setup within 24 hours

Allow for our technical team to setup your white-labelled email marketing tool and brand it with your company detail and logo.

Point your sub-domain/ domain to the IP provided

Now, your clients will be able to access your reseller email marketing tool in your chosen domain with your own branding

Thats it! Nothing needs to be done from your end

Benefits of Bulk Email Reseller Plan

Trust and Benefit from Our Experiences and Expertise

Upsell to Existing Clients

Offer email marketing service to your existing customer base without having to build or maintain any system of your own


With Reseller Panel, Private Labeled Email Marketing Tool, Dedicated delivery engine with multiple IPs.

Freedom to Charge Your Own Rates

As our pricing plan gives you enough profit.

Support via Email & Live Chat

By our team of experienced email marketers.

Mass Email Reseller Tailor Made for Agencies

You're already helping clients with their design, search, brand or web presence. Now offer your own branded email marketing service seamlessly.

  • Web Design Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Interactive Agencies
  • Communications Firms
  • Media Agencies
  • Marketing / Consultants

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Get Reseller Pricing & Video Demo For Reseller Email Marketing

We offer reseller platform for Online marketing / Digital media companies / Web design agency not to individual.

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