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We are the leading email marketing newsletter service provider in India for sending huge volume emails and a one-stop for all your email newsletter marketing service. Mail Marketer offers you perfect creative newsletter design for permission based newsletter email marketing campaigns.View email marketing newsletter pricing Plans

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Newsletter email marketing Advantages

  • 99.9% delivery guarantee.
  • Upload or Import list from .csv, .txt file.
  • Access our emailing tool anywhere in world.
  • Use your existing email newsletter template.
  • Proven technology for newsletter emailing
  • Email open & link tracking.
  • Email Bounce Tracking.
  • Send, or schedule email delivery
  • Easy html message editing
  • Dozens of HTML email newsletter templates

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Newsletter Marketing

Email Newsletter Marketing is a set of professional newsletter marketing tools for targeted newsletter email marketing campaigns, newsletter advertising and newsletter mailing lists building from anywhere on the internet.

Powerful features of email newsletter design you can get best results and beat your competitors!

Mail Marketer is a most comprehensive and yet easy-to-use newsletter emailing service of our industry-leading newsletter email marketing service in India

Email newsletter marketing - send email newsletters, targeted newsletter email campaigns and email newsletter announcements etc.,

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Email marketing service video guide
Create and send effective newsletters

Need a newsletter sent quickly? You can choose from newsletter templates, insert your content and hit send. Done!

What do successful email newsletters do? They engage customers. Make sales. Promote a company brand.

Select from dozens of HTML Email Templates

Choose from dozens of professional, themed email templates. With our pro-designed templates, you won't have to worry about sending out something less than professional. You can also upload your own HTML code, and customize it in our Editor.


Email Marketing Newsletter Service

The email marketing newsletter service provided by Mail Marketer is easy to use and allow me to communicate with my clients in a clear, intellect and professional manner.

Mandeep - Real Builder, Mumbai


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To learn more about Mail Marketer newsletter marketing service, please sign up for your 30 days free trial or via phone if you have any questions. We believe that Mail Marketer is the most powerful, fully featured and easiest to use newsletter email marketing service you'll find in India.

About Mail Marketer
Mail Marketer has been one of the industry leading provider of Newsletter email marketing services since 2004 in India covering major indian cities, delivering reliable newsletter marketing service and mailing list building tools used by more than 1200 Indian companies around the world for newsletter advertising. Our email newsletter services allows you to send all kind of messages: from simple email newsletters to complex campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers.

Mail Marketer provides perfect solution required to create and send email newsletters. Permission-based marketers find it perfect way for managing and growing their email campaigns and use it for sales promotions, client newsletters, opt-in email newsletters and mass emailing. Marketers dynamically create email newsletter campaigns and take advantage of all target email marketing opportunities.

E-newsletters remain one of the mainly effective communication tools, but designing it and then coding it correctly to work by your email services provider (ESP), here you can design without help from the knowledgeable designers and coders on our email marketing services.

Mail Marketer - email marketing newsletter is very effective newsletter emailing service because it delivers email messages directly to recipients' inbox.

Mail Marketer - A newsletter sender is an excellent email marketing tool for newsletter email advertising and to keep your email campaigns effective.

Mail Marketer - online marketing newsletter is one of the best newsletter programs to send newsletter emails and to manage email address lists.

It is critical to know how to send email newsletter, so use best direct email marketing service for managing targeted email marketing campaigns. Choose our opt-in email marketing service and be successful on the web.