How to save my excel file into .CSV?

Your import file must be in comma-separated values format (or CSV for short) to reduce the chances of errors occurring during import. If you have your list of email addresses saved as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet then it's easy to convert that file to a .CSV file. Here's how

To save an Excel file as a .CSV file.

1) Open Excel and open the file containing your contact list.

2) On the Excel toolbar, select File > Save As. A dialog box pops up.

3) Type a new name for the file in the File Name text field.

4) In the "Save as Type" drop-down menu, scroll down to locate and select CSV (comma delimited).

5) Click Save.

          a) If you see a message that the file type doesn't support multiple worksheets, click OK

          b) If you get a message "file may contain features that may not be compatible file type", click Yes to continue.

6) Close the file and exit from Excel.